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Kitchen Fire

This fire started on the stovetop in the kitchen. Although the smoke damage was minimal the bigger cleanup was due to water from the sprinkler system. From the apartment on the second floor into the hallway and flooded six apartments on the first floor. SERVPRO Winooski/Stowe responded immediately as requested!!

Ground Water

When water enters your home suddenly through the basement walls, foundation or floors it is usually ground water. This basement had over 5 feet of water prior to arrival. A trash pump was used to remove thousands of gallons prior to the use of a smaller submersible pump. Once the water has lowered to around 1/4" we then use our truck mounted unit to extract the remaining standing water... this method is much easier and quicker than a shop vac! With ground water the cleanup involves removal of silt that has seeped into the basement. All areas are cleaned and disinfected with an antimicrobial and pressure steam followed by the installation of drying equipment. 

You can reach us around the clock by calling 802-655-7797. 

Water Damage From Refrigerator Water Line

Water damage occurred in this property following a burst water line to the ice maker. The water continued to flood the home for days before it was discovered due to the property owners heading south for the winter months. The wood floors were saturated upon arrival and had already started to buckle. The hardwood floor was removed and drying equipment installed to dry the subfloors, baseboards, cabinets and drywall walls. 

Storm Damage Cleanup

Some water losses require more labor than others. This basement required extensive cleanup due to 6+ feet of water upon arrival. Once the water was pumped out the dirt that seeped in from outside due to excessive ground water required hand excavation followed by a great deal of cleaning. 

Area Carpet Cleaning

Do you have area rugs that need cleaning? Area carpets to include oriental carpets can be cleaned, deodorized and dried in house at our shop in Colchester. Call our office 802-655-7797 to request a quote. 

Burst Fire Sprinkler Head

Damage resulting from a burst fire sprinkler head in a commercial property. A small portion of the system was exposed to freezing temperatures causing water in the piping to freeze, expanding in volume and producing thousands of pounds of pressure forcing open the valve cap and causing significant damage.

Bathroom Water Leak

Not all water leaks are visible. This photo shows fungal growth that was caused by a leaking toilet. The damage was under the hardwood floor which caused it to go undetected for a long time resulting in mold growth. 

Water Damage Inspection

A water damage inspection is necessary to determine the scope of work which then allows the technician to be sure the property is returned to pre loss condition. SERVPRO of Winooski/Stowe professionals have the equipment and experience to detect moisture in areas where it may otherwise be missed. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Even the highest-quality carpet will show soiling over time. Protect your investment by calling us to clean and maintain your carpet, backed by state-of-the-art equipment, we will get the job done right!

Upholstery Cleaning & Deodorization

Our professional upholstery cleaning services can provide you with a healthier home. Vacuuming and cleaning can remove allergens such as pet dander, soil, and dust that cause allergies and other respiratory problems. Upholstery cleaning is completed with our highly-effective hot-water extraction truck mount.

Mold on Window Frame

Both wooden and vinyl window framing styles are susceptible to mold growth. Prevent mold from growing by keeping the windows condensation-free. While some types of mold that have been discovered growing on windows are certainly worse than others from a heath standpoint, basically all molds should be treated with the same degree of respect and be promptly and properly removed.

24 Hr Emergency Services

We understand that disasters don't always happen during the business day. We are available 24 hours a day to help you handle your water emergency. Just call our 24-hour on call office at 802-655-7797 and we will have a certified restoration specialist on their way to you.

Smoke Damage Cleaning

Smoke and soot, if left unhindered, will cause extensive corrosion, etching and discoloration, not to mention lingering powerful odors. Our technicians are trained, have years of experience and are always ready to help restore your property.

Advanced Equipment

Due to the porous nature of wood, moisture can be easily absorbed into the material. Fresh water, prompt response and advanced equipment allows affected materials to be returned to pre loss condition without the need for replacement. 

Water Damage to Drywall

While drywall is pretty sturdy, when it is exposed to water for too long it can get damaged. Wet walls and insulation can hold moisture for a long time. It is critical to dry the affected material quickly to avoid fungal growth. 

Sewer & Drain Backup

Sewage backups should be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Our team has the most adequate equipment and the rich experience required for a quick and efficient intervention. Personal protective equipment, antimicrobial and high pressure cleaning/ extraction equipment is used to clean and disinfect affected materials. 

Mold in Basement

The mold seen here was caused by secondary moisture from a failed hot water heater. The loss happened when the homeowner was away on vacation. They came home to find not only a flooded basement but extensive mold growing throughout the home. 

Fire Damage Demolition

Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration at times requires complete demolition of the structure. When the damage is beyond repair we will work quickly to remove and dispose of all debris to allow the rebuilding process to take place. 

Storm Damage Cleanup

A recent rain storm caused this basement to flood with rain water and silt. The water was pumped out and then all floors were treated with a plant based antimicrobial and cleaned with pressure steam from a truck mounted system. 

Boat Detailing

Whether it be water restoration, soot removal, deodorization or seasonal cleaning and detailing we have seen it all and have experience in all categories. Our shop is located just a few minutes from several marinas on Lake Champlain. 

Water Damage to Vacant Commercial Property

This retail space suffered extensive water damage due to a burst sprinkler head. The damage went unnoticed for a length of time due to being vacant at the time of the loss. Another job completed without the need for any repairs. 

Thermal Imaging to Dedect Water Damage

Upon arrival at a water loss our highly trained technicians use moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to inspect the property and determine if the material is wet even though no surface damage is present. In the photo shown you can clearly see the water that has affected the ceiling and walls. 

Fire Damage Restoration

Whether it is a small kitchen fire or a large structural fire, we handle all jobs the same. We are ready to restore your home or business following any disaster. 24/7 our trained and well equipped experts respond to your emergency needs. 

Wall Cavity Drying

Water damage to walls doesn't always require removal. Prompt response allowed this office to be dried within three days with the use of a wall injecti dry system. Small holes are drilled in the drywall to allow air to be pumped into the wall cavity through small hoses. 

Water Damage to Hardwood Floors

Water damage to wood floors requires drying the surface and more importantly the subfloor, so that the boards don’t continue to warp. The use of dehumidification, fans and wood floor mat systems allows the floors to be restored to pre loss condition without the need of replacement. 

Smoke Damage Cleanup

Smoke Damage Cleanup: Act Quickly! Smoke damage becomes harder to remove over time. The longer you let smoke and odors linger the more they soak in. That's just one of the reasons to call the professionals on our team to prevent further damage. 

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage resulting from a burst pipe in an office space. The carpets were extracted with a truck mounted unit and low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers and fan (air movers) were installed to dry the affected materials. The staff was back in business three days later without any demolition or repairs necessary!!

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is one of the many services we offer for both commercial and residential properties. Trained professionals that have been with our team for 10+ years and the best carpet cleaning equipment in the industry will leave your carpets looking the best they have since they were installed. 

Water Damage to Condo Complex in Stowe, VT

This photos shows drying equipment installed following a water damage to several condos and hallways. Dehumidification, air movers and wall cavity drying systems were all used to allow thorough drying of all affected materials without any demolition.

Our team is available 24/7 for emergency services, call 802-655-7797. 

Mold Remediation

When a property suffers a water damage, mold infestation can quickly arise and spread throughout a home in as little as 48-72 hours. Our team is properly trained to access the damage and begin remediation right away. It's important to call an expert to make sure mold is removed safely and completely. Call us today if you have a mold problem in your home or commercial property, 802-655-7797. 

Dorm Fire in Burlington, VT

A working fire extinguisher is one of the most important things you can have on your side if fire breaks out. This fire was put out quickly and the damage was minimal. Proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) was used and all areas were HEPA vacuumed followed by a damp wash to all structure and contents. 

Water Damage to Basement

A toilet supply line in the first floor bathroom resulted in extensive water damage and microbial growth in the unfinished basement. The home was vacant and damage was discovered several days after the initial date of loss. All the affected materials were dried thoroughly and treated with a plant based antimicrobial agent. 

Dryer Fire

This laundry mat suffered extensive smoke damage throughout due to a customer had tried to dry a plastic mattress pad cover. Cleanup and Deodorization was completed quickly to allow the doors to open back up for business. 


Our office is located at 156 Acorn Lane in Colchester, VT. We offer services on site such as area rug cleaning and deodorization, upholstery cleaning & vehicle detailing. Call us at 802-655-7797 to schedule an appointment. 

Water Damage Immediate Response

Two of our service vehicles responding to an emergency water damage at a residential property in Stowe, VT